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Wii Balance Board Hacked ;-) (Posted 20/05/08 by MatD)
After hours of testing and C# coding, you can now use your Wii Balance Board as a new input device. Simon Bergweiler and myself posted a Youtube video of our application and its usage with Google Earth, Microsoft Virtual Earth and Second Life. Have fun !

Here is the Youtube link : http://youtube.com/watch?v=lKUDU9lE--E

Top 5 : Best Adobe Flash resources (Posted 20/05/08 by MatD)

From 3D engines to new IDEs, discover the top 5 of must have Flash Actionscript 3 third-party classes and resources to empower your Flash animations. Read full article in the Techzone >>>

2008 tops and flops (Posted 09/03/08 by MatD)

A new year, a new prevision ;-) Like last year I'm going to give a prevision on what is going to occur in the next 9 monthes of 2008 and what the IT-Industry is going to prepare.


Multitouch and iPhone

The first trend of 2008 will be the usage of the multitouch technology. This will lead to brand new user interactions. It will be interesting to see if designers will also be able to take a little distance to the Apple iPhone interface concept. What we currently have seen from the mobile phone market is a will to "copy of the Apple's iPhone interface" but with a medium success rate (e.g LG Prada or HTC Touch).

Second hype of 2008 will be the multiplication of apps for the iPhone thanks to a well designed SDK. And there is no doubt that Sun or Adobe are currently implementing their own player to enable developers to test J2ME or SWF apps.After this strategic move of releasing a full featured SDK based on multitouch and enabling Open GL, it will be interesting to see the reaction of the Symbian partners (including Nokia and Samsung). The AppStore is also killing a very lucrative market: the over the air providing, how will the phone carriers react ?


Sharing a playlist of your favorite songs and enabling every user to listen on it (and this for free). How long will it take to get Deezer on mobile devices ? Imagine you could listen to complete albums over WLAN or even GPRS ? No need to purchase your songs, everything is paid by the ads placed on the website :-)

Satellite Radio

USA already have it, the first european Satellite Radios are going to be launched end of this year : more channel in a very good audio quality.


Google Android

To my eyes Google Android-based phones will be the first flop of Google. The platform is certainly very interesting, but there's a real marketing problem: who will want to program for restricted Java phones where on the other side you have a very cool phone called iPhone? Where is the fun factor of multitouch or 3D ?

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 was cool when we could count the number of useful social networking tools present on the web. Now each day there is a Facebook alike arising from nowhere claiming it will be the next "most useful tools to find new friends" (yawn)

How many other social network plateforms should I register to to finally see/discover all the gorgeous friends I have ? I don't know, perhaps ten/twenty ? And what will happen to my personal data once registered ? Are they going to be analysed by a marketing tool? Nobody knows ...

Another annoying phenomenom of Web 2.0 are blogs : It seems as if blogs have turned to a subtile combination of cut and paste of Youtube-Flash <embed> tags added with some very well place Google Ads, so well placed that you won't be able to differenciate a link from an ad! And of course the information placed on blogs was so many times copied and recopied that noone can clearly say if the information is correct and I predict many blogs (like those collecting funny fotos or weird Youtube videos) will close their doors this year.

FIFA '08 for Wii (Posted 03/10/07 by MatD)

Hooray, the new Fifa 2008 is out! I had the opportunity to test the Wii version and here is my short review.
First point the graphics are some how equivalent to those of an Fifa '04-06 : you will get a a side and down view of the football field. Short sequences (for the corners) will make you discover rendered player faces. The commands with the Wiimote are original but I really have a doubt on the AI and the preciseness of certain movements (e.g. for a pass).
The mini-games are funny to play with friends but won't entertain you very long if you are alone. I really have a doubt if this Wii version of FIFA 08 will be a real hit.
Compared to the XBOX or PS3 versions the graphics are low-level. Perhaps an update for the Euro '08 will solve this "problem".

iPod Nano (3G) full test (Posted 03/10/07 by MatD)

The iPod Nano was released on September 5th. After one month of intensive usage it's now time to see if Apple's new Mp3 AAC + MP4 player is really the new geek 's toy. I wrote this little review for people who are hesitating to buy the new iPod "Fatty". The review will reveal some interesting features.

Tutorial: Second Life multi-language support (posted 11/09/07 by MatD)

Learn how easy it is to implement several languages for each avatar. You will also learn how to manage automatically dialogboxes and to set their messages depending on which language was choosen. Read more...

Trackback: http://matdonline.free.fr/secondlife.htm

Understand RSA and Diffie Hellman in 5 min ! (Posted 01/04/07 by MatD)

A small article to quickly understand all the mathematical theories behind RSA and Diffie Hellman ;-) Each step is fully explained and Diffie Hellman is explained visually. Alice and Bob won't have secrets anymore ! Click here to read the RSA and Diffie Hellman explanation!

Tutorial: How to connect a Wii to the Internet with Airport Express (posted 01/01/07 by MatD)

Last time I wanted to test the new WLAN features of the Wii. Unfortunately I don´t have any WLAN spots to directly connect that's why I decided to connect my Wii to my MacBook (which has a normal DSL connection to the internet) over WLAN thanks Airport.

Here is a small tutorial on how both machines have to be set up. In 5 minutes you´ll get your WLAN connection working with your Wii ! Read more ...

Wii Play review (Posted 03/01/07 by MatD)

If you want to play to the Wii with friends you definitely need a second Wiimote. A special Nintendo offer was the package Wii Play + 1 Wiimote. After 1 month of waiting I could get Wiiplay. Here is the full Wii Play review !
Click here to read the Wii Play review !



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