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How to connect a Wii to the Internet with Airport Express
(posted 01/01/07 by MatD)
A Wii and a Mac ...

Last time I wanted to test the new WLAN features of the Wii. Unfortunately I don´t have any WLAN spots to directly connect that's why I decided to connect my Wii to my MacBook (which has a normal DSL connection to the internet) over WLAN thanks Airport.

Here is a small tutorial on how both machines have to be set up. In 5 minutes you´ll get your WLAN connection working with your Wii !

Note : This tutorial shows the steps when using a Mac OS X 10.3 / 10.4 and a Wii thus this doesn't mean that the following operations couldn't work on older Mac OS X versions.
Step 1: Sharing an internet connection via Airport
First step is pretty easy : Goto: System Preferences > Sharing
Once in Sharing click on the Internet Tab
On "Share your connections from" click from the list and choose "Built in Ethernet" ("Ethernet Intégré" for my french MacOs ;-) )

On "To computers using" click on "Airport"

Now other computers can connect to the Internet trough your MacBook

Step 2: Opening the ports

Now that you have set up the connection sharing over Airport Express you must open some ports in order to let the Wii communicate to the Internet and the Wii Channels website. Lazy guys would tell you : turn off your firewall !
I wouldn't advise you to do so, that's why go to :

System Preferences > Sharing > Firewall

Turn the firewall on
Now we are going to add a new firewall policy just for your Wii

Press on the New... button

Once this window appears just put these port numbers in it : 28910, 29900, 29901, 29920, 80, 443

Click on OK and Apply

That's it for the MacBook part !

Step 3: Wii configuration

Now it's time to configure your Wii to connect to your Mac !

You'll need to set up following settings :

Manual IP settings:
Default Router:

Manual DNS settings:
Primary DNS:

Don't know where to put these settings ? Follow theses pictures ;-)
That's it for the Wii configuration part !
Step 4: Configuration test
Enjoy !!!! Now you can either update your Wii or quit the Settings screen
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